Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! App Reviews

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Amazing as always!

Im an avid Papas fan, and Flipline Studios have yet again made an amazing app! I love all of their games but the Papas ones take the cake! Or should I say CUPcake?

Way to hard this time

I own all the papa games and there really fun but this one is way to hard to manage. Should only be one cupcake would be so much better

I got a glitch on day 2 and I cant pass it!

When Im almost done my 2nd day the whipping cream gets glitched with one of the cupcakes! Please fix this cause I cant get past the day! Five stars are yours if you fix it!


I have been waiting for this and now its finally here!

Great game

I have gotten every papas iPhone game and this one is the best one yet, but there is one re-occurring thing that annoys me. And that is that you cant have more than six costumers a day. Other than that its still the best one yet!

Good job!

The app works very good! I havent seen a bug so far. Keep up the good work you guys!


I played and then for some reason when ever I went the home screen it doubles up my money now when I go back on the game it says annonimos what is happening now I have 1800.00 tips! Deleting the game now!!!!

Love it

Best game. So addicting


Bad glitches. Their other games are fun. But I wish for my money back!


I ❤️ this game!!! When I was younger I played these games on the computer. Its so fun! The only thing I would change is if you could make your own avatar and customer. Thanks!

Waste of money do not buy!

Complete Crap, not worth 2$

Love it!

This game is as addicting as Papas Freezeria. Both games are so much fun, and I think everyone should buy both games. Its totally worth all the money. So buy this game, and Papas Freezeria. Both great games. I absolutely love all the Papas games. They are all so much fun, especially Papas Freezeria, and Papas Cupcakeria(this game)!❤️

so fun! so awesome!!



I love this game it is so fun and addicting totally worth the money


I love papas to go games I hope they make more for iOS


Awesome totally worth it!


So I bought the 200 tips but ended up losing all of my progress. If nothing can be done then I want my money back.

Love it but...

You guys should make all of the games to mobile apps, like Pancakeria, Doggeria, Wingeria and more!


I play this game for FREE on my laptop and its the same exact thing. Also, I have already purchased this game but deleted it. When I attempted to redownload it, I found that I had to pay again. IT STOLE MY MONEY! I would recommend the computer version of this game.


I thought it was free and now Cant download anything why cant u guys have free games

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